My Nephew Is Cuter Than Will’s

I am an uncle. So is my future ex-roommate. If you need some comic relief, check out his blog. This post, in particular, is outrageous. He talks a little about the benefits of uncle-dom, but he left out a few good ones. For example, you get to do things like:

  • Build slingshots with your nephews. You don’t even have to think about the fact that two days earlier one of them shattered the sliding glass door with handful of rocks. And the couple hundred marbles you gave each of them are really fun for their little brother who still loves to put everything in his mouth.
  • Bribe your niece (who is terrified of unfamiliar men) for affection by re-gifting lame presents you would never use. “I love you, Uncle Gavin!” has a nice ring to it.
  • Ooh and ahh at your 1-month old nephew, throwing him up in the air, playing airplane with him, and spinning him around. Right after feeding time. When things get messy you just give him to someone else.
  • Take pictures of them. I will take the higher road, Will, and let these photos speak for themselves. No need for fancy graphs and MS Paint-doctored images of other people’s children. Read it and weep, baby. Read it and weep.

(To all three of my readers, I will need some support here…back me up on this!)

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  2. Tuba says:

    Sorry Will, but the awesome hairstyle on this kid secures his win.